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The name Kargil is said to derive from the words “khar”, meaning “castle” and “rkil” meaning “centre”. Hence denotes a place between many forts, a central place where people could stay.

Kargil is a town in Kargil district and the joint capital of the Indian Union Terriotory of Ladakh. Kargil is the second largest town in Ladakh after Leh. It is located 204km to the East of Sringar and 234km West of Leh to the East and is considered the gateway to Ladakh.

Kargil has an average elevation of 2,676 meters and is situated along the banks of the Suru river(Indus). A number of treks originate in and around Kargil. Theses are Lamayuru- Leh, Padum-Lamayuru, Padum-Hemis, Sanku-Drass, Nunkun, etc.

Kargil offers some major attractions like Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum, Drass War Memorial, Mulbekh monastery and Kargil city view point. While in Kargil, one can also take a rural village tour and get to see the old Turkish and Buddhist architecture. One can also drive through the most picturesque valleys-Suru valley.